Dating of the mahabharata by dr v vartak

The antiquity of a culture’s history and the achievements of its peoples provide the nation with an identity and a sense of self-esteem.The study of history tells us the story of how a particular society behaved and reacted in the wake of varying and trying circumstances.For example, the European Indologist, Max Muller, tried the interpret the astronomical evidences to prove that the observations recorded in the Hindu scriptures are imaginary, “pious frauds” created by the cunning Brahmanas.Numerous references which were anachronous to the particular time-frames were considered as unauthentic and unreliable It is now seen that the history of India and its sub-continent can be continuously traced back to thousands of years, as will be presented in the paragraphs to follow.Compelling observations from a variety of sources and opinions of different scholars have been used in the course of the attempted construction.

The invading hordes settled down on the banks of river Sindhu (Indus), and within few centuries (1200 B. Subsequently, the Brahmanas, Samhitas, Puranas and numerous other scriptures were composed. Some say that the Ramayana follows Mahabharata and some opine otherwise. The date when Gautam Buddha prospered was calculated from this sheet-anchor to be around 500 B.And history without chronology is like a person without a backbone.Without this backbone, the person feels helpless and hopeless.Western scholars have done commendable and untiring work in the field of oriental studies.The researches well-recorded by them are of utmost importance even today.

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The most difficult part of this study, until now, was to construct an agreeable framework of chronology.

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